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Turkey’s premier Human Resources Management Consulting firm, Profil International is renowned for its commitment to people development, high-caliber team and outstanding quality of service.

Since its foundation in 1991 in Turkey, Profil International has been the pioneer of principles, practices, and standarts in the field of Human Resources Management Consultancy in Turkey.  

Our business is about making great expectations and big dreams come true - for our candidates, for our clients and for ourselves. With continued success, our team grows.

This presents unique personal and professional development opportunities for qualified candidates aspiring and committed to learn and grow in the dynamic environment of Human Resources Management Consulting.


A job can be much more than a career opportunity.

It can become a path to realizing your dreams.

At Profil International, we believe - and know - that only candidates who are truly "engaged" in their jobs, love what they do, respect and admire the company they work for will excel at their job and realize their dream careers. Your own personal engagement is the key to your success!

To be engaged and become a top performer, you need to be in a job that is not just a great job, but a great job for you. This means, that not only your background and mental capacity, but also you behavioural style and personal motivations must match those of the job and the top performance benchmark criteria of the company. This is why, if you happen to be a candidate, we will ask you to participate in a series of in-depth interviews and assessments to discover whether this particular position at that particular company is the right one for you. This is not only in the interests of our clients but also in yours.