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Procurement Manager



  • 4-8 years of procurement experience gained within a best practice international environment

  • Excellent communication, presentation and influencing skills

  • Ability to work in a challenging, fast-paced environment, often on multiple tasks with limited timelines

  • Ambitious, driven, constructive, energetic person who is keen on learning

  • Fluency in oral and written English


  • Responsibility of managing, purchasing, repairing, renting and leasing the current goods and services (Except media purchasing, importing new cars and importing spare parts)

  • Dealing with the demand of the requisitioner in all departments of all brands of Groupe Psa Turkey

  • Managing and negotiation with suppliers, prices, way of working, contracts and all financial conditions

  • Creating and adapting of procedures related with purchasing-service or good usage

  • Outsourcing strategy/development/management

  • Being the responsible of opening tenders, managing the result of tender and announcemets

  • Being the responsible to make the first contact with supplier, taking prices and negotiating prices and all related conditions

  • Defining the open contract conditions, defining for all company the limits and giving limited open order right

  • Yearly re-negotiating of the on going businesses and contracts

  • Execute the responsibilities according to lawful and ethical standards

  • Negotiating the price and the quality of product or service and delivery conditions

  • Managing all the insurance policy of the company, local/international

  • Cost follow up on department bases and report the results and economy done

  • Making price negotiations, finding suppliers, launching new products for local spare parts supply

  • To be responsible of all sort of repair, construction and maintenance


A job can be much more than a career opportunity. It can become a path to realizing your dreams.

At Profil International, we believe - and know - that only candidates who are truly "engaged" in their jobs, love what they do, respect and admire the company they work for will excel at their job and realize their dream careers. Your own personal engagement is the key to your success!

To be engaged and become a top performer, you need to be in a job that is not just a great job, but a great job for you. This means, that not only your background and mental capacity, but also you behavioural style and personal motivations must match those of the job and the top performance benchmark criteria of the company. This is why, if you happen to be a candidate, we will ask you to participate in a series of in-depth interviews and assessments to discover whether this particular position at that particular company is the right one for you. This is not only in the interests of our clients but also in yours.

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