Valyoubel AG

CRM (Communication Expert)


Eureko Sigorta, which is the leader of bancassurance in Turkey, an expert in risk assessment and an international insurance company, is a member of Achmea, which is one of the largest insurance partnerships in the world, operating with 17,000 employees across 5 countries.

Operating in all branches of non-life insurance, Eureko Sigorta was founded in 1989 as Garanti Sigorta and took its current name in October 2007. With its headquarters in Istanbul, Eureko Sigorta offers insurance services and products that make a difference for clients through Garanti BBVA and its nationwide network of agencies and brokers. Eureko Sigorta is a respected and preferred member of the Turkish insurance industry.

The synergistic cooperation with Garanti BBVA has enabled Eureko Sigorta to have a widespread distribution network and reach hundreds of thousands of clients.

In addition to the bank distribution channel, Eureko Sigorta also offers insurance services and products to its clients through its nationwide network of agents and brokers.

Eureko Sigorta, with its long-standing relationships with international reinsurers, works extensively with companies such as Everest Re, Mapfre Re, Odyssey Re, Korean Re, Sompo Japan Re, Munich Re and Swiss Re. Our company is in close cooperation with Milli Re, the largest reinsurer in our country.

Eureko Sigorta distinguishes itself from its competitors through its business strategies, accurate perception of risk, portfolio structure and high technology. One of the leading companies in the industry, Eureko Sigorta has had a market share of 3.6% at the end of 2017.

Eureko Sigorta is distinguished by its effective marketing policies, its ability to deliver fast and high quality services and its commitment to ethical values; it has been a stable and sustainable organization even in the most difficult economic conjunctures of our country.

In General:

  • Being an expert behind the communication strategy 
  • Writing and creating mainly online content (emails)
  • Testing & analyzing content sent
  • Carrying out all communication related  activities
  • Preparing of internal and external communication materials together with 3rd parties
  • Clearly and concisely communicating the customers’ message
  • Intuitively adapting product descriptions to customer preferences

In Terms of Mobility:

  • Taking care of the communication strategy for the Mobility Domain together with the other Communication Experts in the domain
  • Executing customer based market strategy, creating prospects and communication roadmap
  • Executing, updating and developing the online and offline communication calendar of the mobility domain 
  • As we are working agile, collaboration closely with squad team members on engagement strategies, messaging and execution
  • Working with the writing and design teams to create and revise materials to maximize impact for our customers 
  • Liaising with legal, compliance and technology partners to ensure deliverables meet regulation and / or company standards


  • University degree from related fields, like marketing communication or communication
  • At least 5 years of increasing responsibility one or several of the above fields required
  • Knowledge and experience with the nuances of multi-channel mainly focusing on e-mail, sms, print and web content
  • Personal commitment to accuracy, attention to detail and meeting tight deadline
  • Fluent in English
  • Following the updates in marketing communication area
  • Having knowledge about online and offline communication channels
  • Good knowledge of MS Office
  • Uses digital media actively
  • Commercial mindset
  • Expert communicator with strong social intuition
  • Able to work in a dynamic and flexible environment
  • Used to agile methodology
  • An emphatic person having customer first mindset