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Cooking - Functional Design Engineer


Haier Group listed in the Fortune Global 500  as one of the world's top 5 home appliances. It can count on highly successful brands such as Candy, Hoover, Haier, Rosières, GE Appliances and Fisher & Paykel respectively aiming to become the consumers’ top of mind in their own market segments and geographies. Since founded, Haier Smart Home has grown by meeting customer needs through its strategic commitment to innovation, branding, R&D, and intelligent manufacture, as well as domestic and international expansion, becoming the world’s largest manufacturers of home appliance goods.

For the company, which was founded in 1984 and became one of the world's Giants in 35 years, of course, working with engineers who are open to self-development and have high leadership potential is one of the most critical points.


  • Therefore, Haier Group considers Functional Design Engineer to join them- in Eskisehir
  • Looking for Functional Design Engineers (System Design Engineer) to join R&D Team in Haier Europe Cooking Appliances. The positions will be in Eskişehir location. Required qualifications are:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Enginner, Electrical-Electronics Engineer or related departments
  • Good communication skills, strong analytical thinking
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English
  • Excellent problem solving and attention to detail
  • Knowledge of mechanical and electromechanical components of cooking appliances
  • Having knowledge about 3D CAD Systems (Preferably Creo 4 / ProEngineer).
  • Having knowledge about IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-6 Standards
  • Having knowledge about EN 30-1-1 and EN 30-2-1 Standards
  • Live/willing to live in or close to Eskişehir
  • No obstacles for travel
  • Controlling the development of new products from functional point of view
  • Responsible for technical issues of all existing products and new projects
  • Responsible of component selection according to design guidance and standard requirements
  • Checking the compliance of the components used to the design requirements
  • Optimization of mechanical and electromechanical components on the product and working on quality / cost reduction projects
  • Responsible for deciding test requirements for development and cost reduction projects
  • Ensure the energy performance of the existing and new oven products to fulfill the EU norms and regulations
  • Deciding of mechanical and electromechanical components for new launched products and following of functional tests
  • Defining design guidelines for functional parts of product and assure that the drawings and the specifications for the functional parts are correct
  • Support Laboratories in the definition of Internal Test Standards
  • Analyzing and solving related field problems
  • Monitoring new launched products during production and following life tests of new products
  • Support Standard and Approval Department with preparing critical component and model lists
  • To examine the effects of material changes from the component suppliers on design and production; to carry out material changes if necessary
  • To evaluate compliance of the alternative components according to standards, making test plan and launching components to the production