Valyoubel AG

Title: Business Insights Analyst


Full/part time: Full-time

Reports to: D&A Market Lead



UL is driving digital transformation deliver 4G growth. Our mission is to transform our organization to a digital first culture, delivered by a world-class data and insights team, leaping ahead of our competition in everything we do.

UL’s D&A Market teams will lead the path for UL to become data-intelligent. The team will do this by delivering advanced products at scale, enabling UL functions, UniOps and leadership teams to turn data into insights, actions and decisions at a faster pace than ever before to achieve competitive edge for UL.

Each Market team consisting of technical (data engineering and science) expertise as well as functional business insight generation expertise (e.g. Finance, CMI, CD)  will work with other Market teams and the D&A Global team to ensure that insights discovered locally are joined up and enhanced with regional/globally-discovered or researched insights to enable joined-up recommendations and decisions aimed at driving incremental growth by meeting the needs of our consumers, customers and employees.  

With the ULE looking to D&A Market teams to power the exponential growth of UL in an in increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) context, it is imperative that D&A Market teams are organised to be highly adaptive and flexible to demand, fast-changing priorities and emergent opportunities.  To do this, it will be important for the D&A Market team to have an agile mindset, org structure and ways of working (beyond agile tools and techniques) – i.e. able to embrace uncertainty, ambiguity, and to create structure out of chaos.


There are five major themes in the Data and Analytics global strategy that will relate to the work of D&A Market teams:


  1. Deliver Intelligent systems at scale. Powering Business (cross functional) and Customer Development area through data and analytics. Building out the right applications to enable business teams to move faster, with more accurate and future looking decisions leveraging Big Data & Data Science.
  2. Winning disproportionately.  Creating analytics products that make a significant impact on our business and drive competitive advantage in the market, while collaborating appropriately with other markets and Global teams (i.e. winning both locally and globally for UL).
  3. Drive Unilever to assisted and predictive decision-making. The future is about assisted decision-making with machines (AI/Cognitive Computing/Machine Learning) unlocking the insights from vast deluge of consumer, customer & internal data, and presenting this in a way that is simple for our teams.
  4. Make data a true asset. Better data and data science access for every part of Unilever, across the 3 data framework (Connectivity, Growth, Continuous Improvement) and leading through the Enterprise Data Executive.
  5. World-class Information. One Version of the Facts. Continued excellence in delivery of diagnostics and insights to focus attention when and where it matters with a focus on Big Bets, Strategic Initiatives and Leadership team reporting



This team is responsible for managing the market’s demand for data, analytics and insights.  It will lead data analytics, data warehousing, research development and implementation of appropriate data systems and analytic solutions.  It is also responsible for streamlining in-scope processes related to data analytics and insights generation in the market, through automating, consolidating and eliminating them where appropriate to deliver a seamless, fast insights-generation experience using tooling provided by the Global D&A team.



  • Act as a catalyst enabling data/analytics-driven business decisions across the organisation
  • Serve as the trusted data and analytics consultant to different functions across the organisation
  • Engage with stakeholders to understand the business, problem statement and requirements
  • Analyse and re-engineer existing business and insights-related processes for efficiency
  • Engage with relevant teams within D&A to source, manage data requirements for analytics and management reporting
  • Create analytical modelling solutions to answer business questions
  • Work closely with the data science team to build diagnostic & predictive models to solve business problems
  • Leverage different statistical techniques to create insights for the business
  • Create self-service and simple reporting solutions
  • Acquire, integrate, stage & employ data from multiple data sources
  • Cleanse data by reviewing data sources to locate and correct code problems




  • Bachelor or master’s degree in engineering, statistics, econometrics or Mathematics
  • Balanced profile of business knowledge/understanding and analytical savvy
  • At least 2 years of experience in:
    • Driving insights from large scale structured and unstructured data
    • Data Mining, Exploratory data analysis, and modelling
    • Business process analysis
    • Working with Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI
    • Extracting and dealing with data from multiple data sources (e.g. financial systems, Marketing databases, etc.)
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organise, analyse, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy
  • Ability to see patterns across data
  • Ability to engage in formulating novel and compelling insights and engage in storytelling from data insights
  • Continuous learning of new tools & computer languages via external sources that brings direct value to the business
  • Clearly articulate technical work to non-technical business owners
  • Critical thinking & flexibility to effectively work around technical & business constraints
  • Experience in Project management as lead and team member
  • Ability to handle or work across multiple projects at any time
  • Self-directed
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment



  • Process design experience
  • Process engineering experience



  • Business analytics
  • Data analytics
  • Data expertise
  • Data visualisation
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Project management
  • Agile Delivery
  • Dashboard and report design and deployment
  • Metrics development and calculation




  • Market LT
  • CLT
  • CD VP and key Directors
  • CCBTs VPs  and key Directors
  • Market D&A Team
  • Global D&A Team
  • Unilever Business leaders and subject matter experts
  • Global business topic Subject Matter Experts
  • D&A Market Teams across UL


  • Partner Analytics and Data Organisations / Contractors
  • Leading industry Insights experts/organisations/networks (e.g. Finance/Marketing Data Science)