Valyoubel AG
Job Title: Risk and Internal Control Leader
Reports to: Directly to Risk and Internal Control Group Manager
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Term: Full-time
Experience: 3 - 7 Years


This is a highly strategic role with an extensive scope of responsibilities. You will work closely with the Risk and Internal Control Group Manager and follow a similar agenda. 

What we are looking for:

  • End to end management of strategic projects 
  • Outstanding skills of technical analysis and having a strategic perspective
  • Having experience in product development and managing regulative aspects of various products
  • Knowledge of risk management 
  • Having knowledge of SQL, SPSS would be advantageous
  • Bringing a fresh perspective on matters that affect overall performance
  • Clear communication skills and stakeholder management 
  • Working closely with Group leaders and contributing towards high level discussions on how performance can be improved
  • Setting clear roadmaps and priorities
  • Willingness to contribute and to make a difference
  • Eagerness to learn different aspects of the business and to be involved in various projects
  • Working closely with the global teams on implementing best practices in Turkey