Odgers Berndtson Turkey
Odgers Berndtson Turkey


Every day is a new beginning and a new chance to achieve personal greatness

Every hiring decision is a potentially life-changing decision for both the business and the person involved. We want to make sure that it is a great decision for both sides, each time. Odgers Berndtson has over 20 years of experience in Turkey and our business is about making great expectations and big dreams come true - for our candidates, for our clients and for ourselves.

Digital Internship Programme


Odgers Berndtson Turkey - Digital Internship Programme

  • The aim of our organisation is to act as trusted advisors to clients who need assistance in engaging the very best talent for the most influential roles in their business, across a variety of industries. The service we deliver is creative, insightful and completely client service led. 
  • You will find a meritocratic, collegiate environment where you can expect to find support, training and development. 
  • In return we expect your commitment, self-motivation and investment into the digital internship process which can also lead to other professional development opportunities

What you will do

  • Primarily projects tend to be based around research, which is a fundamental part of the search process. As such you will assist our existing team of Researchers in identification and market mapping projects as well as conducting general market research
  • In this internship you may also gain a critical experience covering
    • Digital Marketing 
    • Talent Relationship Management 
    • Talent Assessment


The role requires persistence, creativity and a thoroughly meticulous approach; highly demanding but immensely rewarding. 

Essential requirements for this role are: 

  • Deliver exceptional, qualitative research 
  • A methodical approach coupled with exceptional attention to detail 
  • Able to assimilate vast amounts of information 
  • High levels of tenacity, creativity and lateral thinking 
  • Outstanding communication, listening and interpersonal skills 
  • Good time management skills and can work autonomously 
  • IT Systems literate and fastidious in their use of technology 
  • Always prioritise the interest of the client and the firm, acting as ambassador 
  • A real interest and passion for business related current affairs 
  • Self-motivated and determined 
  • High levels of intellect and natural curiosity 

In return you will work as part of a team  that encourages the sharing of ideas and enables you to thrive.

Excellence is demanded, recognised and rewarded


  • You will gain critical experiences within talent ecosystem where you will have opportunities to assume broader responsibilities. 
  • Our internship is designed to give you a peek into our world and demonstrate how challenging and rewarding a career in Talent Assessments & Search can be. 
  • Your professional and personal development will benefit from working with a genuine talent ecosystem at all levels who will invest in you as much as you invest into the process.