Valyoubel AG

Consumer Media Channel Insights(CMC/CMI) Manager for Turkey & Egypt- Tea Business
Work Location: Turkey
Job Type: Full time 
No travel

About the Tea Business 
Unilever is proud of its Tea business, the biggest in the world, with world class purpose driven brands such as Lipton, PG tips and Pukka. Recently, Unilever decided to separate the Tea business to ensure it can best achieve its potential. Unilever is currently reviewing several options for the standalone business, including a demerger, an initial public offering, a disposal or through partnership models. The process is expected to conclude by the end of 2021. The Tea businesses in India and Indonesia, and the partnership interests in the ready-to-drink Tea joint ventures will be retained within Unilever.
The balance of exciting and iconic Tea brands such as Lipton, Pukka, T2, Tazo and PG Tips, geographies and all Tea estates, with generated revenues of €2 billion in 2019, are growing and profitable, with proven potential both pre- and post-COVID-19. As a standalone entity, the Tea company remains number one in the world, and is even better positioned to lead the industry and take full advantage of the opportunities in the category, with more focus and entrepreneurship driving greater growth and value.
The current vision for the Tea company is to champion a tastier, healthier, more sustainable world of plant-based drinking. Purposeful thinking will be the core anchor of the business, its brands as well as its culture, and enables simple and agile decision making, supports an entrepreneurial mindset and is driven by passion for our consumers.
As we move through this journey towards separation, we are seeking employees with a passion for exciting entrepreneurial experiences, who want to pursue unique career opportunities and have a desire to be an integral part in building the bright future of this plant-based company.

Tea Company Mission
Connected prosperity for everyone connected to our business and greater value for our consumers, our communities, our climate and our company

  • CONSUMER: we will become the universal beverage of choice: picking, creating and serving only the tastiest plant based beverages that delight consumers and enrich their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.
  • CLIMATE: we have a deep and enduring connection to the land and the communities in which we do business. we shall lead the way and create a net positive by giving back to nature much more than nature is giving us.
  • COMMUNITY: we will ensure growth for all by delivering more value per cup and share that growth amongst growers, blenders, customers, employees, and shareholders.

Tea Company Vision:

  • To serve the best cup of wellbeing, in the most delicious and sustainable way
  • To champion a healthier future for people and the planet through plants
  • To grow a world of wellbeing through the power of plants

Your Role: 

Turkey & Egypt one of the key markets for the Tea Company where we play and operate in diverse channels, and with strong brands particularly, Lipton. What makes this CMC role particularly exciting is the key focus on Tea & plant based wellbeing and driving the holistic consumer agenda (consumer, media, shopper) to partner for business growth.

As the Turkey & Egypt CMC AM, you will be reporting directly to the AMET CMC Lead. You will directly partner the Turkey (& Egypt)Country GM and the local marketing & digital teams to drive the business growth agenda via CMC– responsible for identification & translation of consumer & customer needs, insights & behaviours into powerful growth action in brand strategy, performance, innovation, communication & activation initiatives. You will be responsible for the following:

  • Leading the TURKEY (&Egypt) growth agenda with insights into the country category strategy, performance, innovation, communication & activation initiatives.
  • With the consumers’ voice, you will co-lead the creation & implementation of Business strategies (including MU/country category & brand strategies, localizing global brand strategies & defining local brand positioning, localizing/defining & executing Purpose, Market development roadmap, innovation strategy & destination portfolio, media & comms strategy). These will be in collaboration with the global CMC teams for synergy. You will guide the business to prioritize on focus on the biggest short term & long term efforts to grow the business sustainably.
  • You will develop and implement short term & long term consumer research programs & work on projects that will bring these into life in content, media, innovation, renovation, activation and other marketing initiatives.
  • You will partner with the Business & Marketing teams & digital teams Brand content & communication for both precision and performance marketing – creating consumer & culturally relevant brilliant creatives with the relevant cross-media allocation, and understanding consumer media behavior, needs & motivations to guide the execution of the right content in the right channel at the right time at global & multilocal level.
  • You will also be partnering to deliver local innovations via unearthing key consumer pain points & validation with the right speed and rigor to drive incrementality to the overall Tea Company & category. 

Consumer, Shopper & Media Voice in everything – Big+thick data 

  • Identification & translation of Consumer, Media & shopper needs, insights, behaviours, data, market understanding & performance into opportunities to gain fair share of growth. And ensuring that the business keeps the consumer & customer at the heart of every business decision
  • You will ensure that the business leverages the use of prescriptive and predictive consumer & customer smart data (including social & business analytics, data driven marketing and ecom B2B and B2C) as well as thick and longitudinal data (such as strategic understanding, deep insights & immersions), creating both a rational & empathic feel of the consumers & customers we serve.
  • Thus, driving competitive sustainable growth across all the markets of the TeaCo.
  • Identify current & future strategic possibilities to deliver business growth
  • You will pro-actively identify strategic possibilities for brands’ growth through trend shaping, market development, tactical opportunities, innovation, portfolio expansion, design for channel, and even acquisitions or partnerships, for the marketing teams to capitalise on. This will be based on strong consumer voice, understanding of the markets & business, beverage categories, channels, and brand performance.
  • Deliver through Superior Talent & Relationships 
  • You will deliver through people and systems, leveraging your ability to create partnerships and collaborations with a wide spectrum of marketing, R&D and CD teams, key partner agencies and other external partners & experts to deliver against business needs. You will work closely with the AMET CMC and global CMC teams to synergize efforts & amplify actions from insights.

Your Key Tasks would include:

  • Work together & independently with the AMET CMC Lead to drive the CMC agenda across your markets
  • Deeply Understand the Beverages & Plant based wellbeing categories in TURKEY & EGYPT, the Brands, customers and the key business objectives and challenges. Be the consumer, media and shopper insights expert in the market. Use your innate ability and passion to understand and empathise with consumers and customers to deliver valuable insights to the business.
  • Set relevant in year & long term research programmes & CONSUMER, MEDIA, SHOPPING Insights Agenda to deliver against the business growth objectives, Close business Partnering with the Business, marketing as well as CD teams


  • Long term Country/Cluster category strategy & roadmap (cross brands) -in line with the Global & local Innovation strategy
  • Including Market development & innovation opportunities across segments and prioritizing key big bets to focus efforts on long term
  • Unlock new growth opportunities  e.g tapping into new segments, needs, locations, tribes and latest trends to reach more users more often in a more relevant way
  • Consumer, media & channel/shopper lens into the strategy
  • Yearly review of the Integrated brand plan for growth, ensuring consumer, market, media & shopping insights & analysis in the center of deciding on the key priorities set to deliver to business growth


  • Performance steering across growth fundamentals, through multi-source analysis. Actively steer brand performance for growth – infuse this into overall actions on mental & physical availability, core renovation & innovation, design, communication & activation
  • Prioritize and focus investments and optimize ROI across initiatives, channels and media platforms
  • NOT to be the data puller or number cruncher, which should be self-serve and automated
  • PROJECTS/INITIATIVES - renovation, innovation, communication, Activation
  • Partner to deliver the holistic learning programme for all initiatives that are priorities to deliver business growth
  • This would include strategic understanding needed for consumer, media and shopper initiatives (ex. Understanding shopping missions & driving decision at shelf for the different categories and across the different channels, as well as new studies to unearth growth in retail, foodsolutions and ecomm)
  • Partner to ensure Communication & Media deliver to objectives & optimize for ROI holistically


  • An understanding of the local consumers' path to purchase based on the right target audience & JTBD
  • Media/Marketing mix modelling to enable investment and priority decisions
  • Brilliant creatives, right communication strategy with the right media touchpoints for upper and lower funnel conversion, right channels
  • Leading inputs into media planning -Ensuring we leverage all media channels and driving our presence across all media in the most creative and cost-effective manner.


  • Ensuring we understand through brand health monitoring, SBA, effectiveness measurement and MMMs/analytics how best to optimize creatives, media investment and touchpoints used to drive ROI short term & long term (brand equity)
  • DATA into insights into action, utilizing insights from multiple sources and distilling to drive priority actions for the business to take, sources including…  
  • Continuous tracking - retail, panel, brand health tracking
  • Engagement & Behavioral metrics on our paid and owned media
  • eComm engagement, behavioral & sales metrics
  • PDC- SBA, CEC, Ratings & reviews, DDM/PRM (leading key agency partners to deliver these)
  • Build relationships and effectively collaborate with the internal and external partners 
  • Deliver through people, leverage your ability to create partnerships and collaborate with a wide spectrum of functions including marketing, R&D teams, brand agencies, research agencies, customer development
  • Manage continuous tracking agency subscription & servicing to deliver to expected standards
  • CMC Budget Management: key accountable for managing a set budget for the CMC MU/country, ensuring we’re getting the most value from our agency partners and we’re using the right investment for the right return of value to business
  • Identify & support all Tentpole events/activations of global brands with consumer, shopping & media insights for strategy & execution across multiple markets
  • Collaborate with the global CMC team to deliver exciting cross-MU learnings.
  • Ensure that all research work is actionable and strategically aligned; this includes all practical aspects of research management
  • Ensure research & media agencies are set for success and provide guidance to agencies that give excellent standards of service and thought leadership.

Scope and key interfaces for this role:

  • CMC lead for TURKEY & EGYPT across brands and channels (FS, ecomm, retail, etc.)

Key interfaces:


  • Local
  • Reporting into the AMET CMC Lead
  • Countries General Manager
  • Country Marketing directors & teams
  • Local CMC community
  • Local marketing expert team (Digital, etc)
  • CD lead
  • R&D
  • CTI
  • MU President


  • Global CMC Director
  • CMC global community


  • Research, Data, Analytics & Consultant agency partners
  • Tea & research Industry experts and forums
  •  Customers, Creative and Media agencies

Required Knowledge and Experiences:

  • At least 4 years of experience in marketing, market research or relevant fields driving holistic brand growth.
  • Passion for the  holistic consumer – track record & experience in driving business growth through holistic understanding of the consumer from desires/pain points/motivations to relationship with the category, consumption behavior to path to purchase/media behavior & touchpoints, to shopping behavior.
  • Think strategically – Experience in driving and delivering not just projects but strategic consumer insight work (Country  or category strategy, innovation roadmap, etc.) using multi-disciplinary teams and multi-source analysis.
  • Communication/ Content: Depth and breadth of experience across all brand communications channels – TV, Social, PR, Influencer, Digital. This role requires high level of knowledge of Digital Marketing Campaigns with a balanced appreciation of all other types of media and their purpose. Ability to help the team uncover powerful emotional consumer & cultural insights, and translate these into successful communication 
  • Passion for brand purpose: Experience with and/ or passion for purposeful brands and driving/ translating purpose in a way that is meaningful and motivating for the consumer
  • Influencing to partner & lead for change across work levels:  Experience in providing clear actionable consumer insights with the business, partnering across work levels, and functions, in a virtual work environment, providing firm POV on what needs to be done & how
  • People leadership – managing direct or indirect talents inside the company & from external agencies in delivering their best; preferable but not required to have direct line management experience
  • Self leadership - Handle multiple projects & brands at once whilst keeping passionate about excellence & impact. You will need to work collaboratively across teams, with internal and agency experts, to drive brilliant execution. 
  • As a given - demonstrated a level of experience on Market Research Fundamentals, and Mastering Market Research Techniques qualitative & quantitative (knowledge already in basic innovation & communication research tools and methodologies, as well as how to read continuous tracking studies)

Required Skills:

  • At least fully operational all areas of CMI skills in Understanding Market Research Fundamentals, Mastering Market Research Techniques, Bringing Integrated Consumer, Media and Shopper Insights into the Business, Showing the Business How and Where to Win
  • Strong communication and influencing skills
  • Strong Business acumen
  • Business partnering & stakeholder management
  • Overall brand engagement: Content & media into brand power & share growth
  • Innovation development & market research requirements on problem discovery, risk assessment, validation, etc.
  • Understanding/Working knowledge on social search, Digital and Business Analytics for both insights and business operation
  • Deep Brand and Consumer understanding
  • People Leadership Skills (Internal and external)- Ability to build, inspire, and coach a team in  virtual and cross cultural environments
  • Action & results oriented: Track record of developing work which is fact-based rather than fact-filled, focusing on actionable recommendations and outcomes. Proven record of strong follow through of the work until action.
  • Drive & resilience: Strong drive to generate new initiatives and see them through to action – land new pioneering CMI and marketing initiatives into the business 
  • Positive & Hero mentality: A positive attitude and can-do outlook to keep the agency teams motivated and inspired to work with the team.
  • Pioneer – in how to grow brands using different & innovative approaches
  • Digital tools: An experience with digital analytical tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, FB Audience Insights, Google Trends, Search)
  • Language Requirements: English fluency as minimum

Our values:

  • Sustainability
  • Fun loving
  • Risk taking ability
  • Simple thinking
  • Transparent and fair
  • Innovative
  • Promote diversity
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Entrepreneurial

The qualities we look for in you
The Tea business is made up of a special blend of individuals which make our teams exciting and diverse. To be part of our tea family we are looking for individuals who think Green and are environmentally conscious, who understand the power of simplicity and who are accountable for their actions. We want those who infuse mastery and passion in everything they do to create great products and unforgettable experiences for our consumers.
What's in it for you?
We believe that growth is for everyone, we believe in growing leaders and making space to grow an owner’s mentality and like nature we adapt, we change and we grow. We believe in connections over hierarchies and (work)levels. We have a 'corporate start-up' approach; we act with speed and agility and we have the strength and scale of a large corporation. We are building a better world of wellbeing and a better you.